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Orthodontics in Essex, Massachusetts

Improve your overall appearance with orthodontic treatment from Lynne Taylor Drizen D.M.D. in Essex, Massachusetts. Orthodontics is a practice that deals with skeletal and functional discrepancies, including underbites, overbites, and jaw problems as well as cosmetic problems such crowded and crooked teeth. The AAO recommends that children be screened by age seven to prevent future problems.
After the first appointment, we see you every five to six weeks. Plus, you always meet with the doctor first.

Face, Orthodontic Services in Essex, MA

Clear Braces

Straighten your teeth without anyone knowing you're doing it, with our aesthetically pleasing clear braces. Since they can't be seen, these alternatives to traditional silver braces are perfect for adults and individuals that don't want braces. Furthermore, you are happy to offer a big toothy smile for the camera when it's picture time.

Clear Aligners

Lynne Taylor Drizen D.M.D. offers clear aligners for patients whose teeth are crowding, and you must be a sure candidate in order to receive them. These clear trays are customized to fit your teeth. They are replaced every two to four weeks, as a tooth can only move so much in one month's time. Computers aid us in determining the number of aligners that you are going to need in order to reach the correction

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